Continuing Education

Winning Work

  • April 22, 2021 2:30pm  -  5:00pm

When it comes to pitching to a customer on complex construction projects, WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO WIN? This workshop focuses on the key strategies to winning work in an interview setting as a provider of construction services.

What We Look for at the Scales

  • May 25, 2021 1:00pm  -  2:00pm

This course will review the Basic Level 1 Inspection criteria for a roadside inspection and the purpose of the Scales to inspect the size, weight, equipment, and emissions of the vehicles. You will learn what triggers a Level I Inspection and how a PrePass works at the scales.

Writing Effective Email

  • April 08, 2021 2:30pm  -  4:30pm

Do you spend too much time writing and responding to email? Could you write more clearly and concisely? If you answered yes to either question, then this workshop is for you. Through hands-on exercises, you will learn how to plan, organize, write, and edit messages to get the results you want.